Pilates in Connecticut

Many of our physical therapy clients progress into the wellness side of our business - others start and stay on the wellness side. Our wellness services include the following:

Pilates Mat Classes

Sessions entail the mat repertoire of Joseph Pilates and the use of "props" such as rings, foam rollers, and balls for deep core strengthening and mobility work. Our small classes allow for personalized coaching and monitoring as well as camaraderie.

Reformer Classes

Small groups of 7 clients are trained in a series of exercises on a line of Reformers. These classes are ideal for those not yet strong enough to join a mat class, or for those wishing to advance their body work beyond the mat at a lower cost than personal training. Many clients combine mat and Reformer classes for ultimate results.

Personal Training

Sessions are private or semi-private (with one other), and involve training on all pieces of Balanced Body Pilates equipment. They provide the most individual attention and are especially great for new-comers and those with more specific needs.


(effective Jan 2016)
**All prices need to be taxed at a rate of .0635

Mat Classes (10 week session)

1 hour class: $160 Drop-in fee: $18 class
Receive a 10% discount on your second card if you enroll in 2 classes per week ($288 /10 week session)

Reformer classes

1 hour class - 5 class card: $125 45 min class – 5 class card: $90
1 hour class - 10 class card $225 45 min class – 10 class card: $162
1 hour class - Drop in fee: $30/class 45 min class – Drop in fee: $22
**Note: A 45 or 60 minute private session is required ($55/$70) prior to enrolling in a Reformer class (Also - see our “beginner package” options)

Combination Mat/ Reformer:

Those committing to a 10 week mat class session in addition to buying a reformer card receive a 10% discount.

Private training (1-on-1)

1 hr.: $70
45 min.: $55
Package of 5 (1hr) : $325
Package of 10 (1 hr): $600

Semi-private (2-on-1)

1 hr.: $55
45 min.: $40.

Package of 5 (1hr): $250
Package of 10 (1hr): $450